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The Magnolia Music & Medicine Radio Show at Eastman, Georgia

OLLI 40th Anniversary Celebration

Improvables at Georgia Gerontology Society Conference

The Magnolia Music & Medicine Radio Show at Eastman, Georgia

OLLI 40th Anniversary Celebration

Improvables - Group Image

OLLI 40th Anniversary Celebration

GGC Audience

OLLI 40th Anniversary Celebration

GGC - Chris, Pat and Sue

OLLI 40th Anniversary Celebration

Left to Right: Robert, Jane (kneeling), Lynn, Pat, Frazier, Sue

The Magnolia Music & Medicine Radio Show at Eastman, Georgia

Improvables On Stage

Entire Cast

Gallery from Past Shows

Chris plays the Banjo
Clairmont Place on January 29, 2019

Jane on the Floor
Clairmont Place Performance

Sue Book and Group
Clairmont Place Performance

Robert Drake, Director

Scenes from Plien Air Show
at Olmsted Park

Chris and Lynn

Robert Drake, Director

Frazier and Robert
Plien Air Show - Olmsted Park

Robert Drake, Director

Plien Air Show

Robert Drake, Director

at Plien Air Show

Robert Drake, Director

at Plien Air Show

Robert Drake, Director

at Plien Air Show

Robert Drake, Director

Improvables at Smoky Springs Show

Robert Drake, Director

Sue Book with Improvables
Smoky Springs Show

Robert Drake, Director

Athens Community Council on Aging
September 28, 2017 Show

Robert Drake, Director

Athens Community Council on Aging Show

Robert Drake, Director

Emory / OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) Lunch & Learn Show, Thursday, November 3, 2016. JoAllen, Lynn, Chris, Sue, Jane, Robert, Frazier, and Pat.

DeKalb Services Center Performance
The Improvables performed for the DeKalb Services Center in Brookhaven, Georgia, 05/01/2015.

The Improvables were a hit at ELM!
April, 2015

Creative Director

Robert Drake, Director

Robert Drake

Robert started teaching at Emory in 2012 and found the same folks took his classes repeatedly! It was like a cult, only with better coffee! Now he helps the Improvables create the magic! When he’s not on stage here, Robert is the Artistic Director of the Academy Theatre, Production Manager for Laughing Matters, and a performer about town. Whatever you do, don’t mention the Llama incident!

llama face

One hundred eighty-five llamas walked into a bar, and the bartender said...

The Improvables

Sue Book

Sue grew up in Brooklyn, NY. The accent isn’t just for theatrical purposes!?? A self- starter who loves challenges and believes change is good; graduated college, married, and moved to Atlanta many years ago for a career in anything but acting. Accomplishments include: Bookkeeper for Architects, World Traveler, Book Store Sales, Zoo Docent, Dog Walker/Sitter and Foster Parent. All of a sudden or maybe many years later – a bucket list appeared (my furry friend Shep is “hamming” it up for his bucket list). At the top of that list is Acting and Improv. Now works as a part-time “Extra” for Atlanta Film and TV. Also attending classes at Emory/OLLI for Improv students and has fast-forwarded to become part of a “mature” improv ensemble called the Improvables. She feels like she has passed over the line – straight and narrow to crooked and full of improv.

JoAllen Bradham

Dr. Bradham always loved performing in plays,
And, now, somewhat late in her days,
She relishes improvisation
As time and talent’s celebration
To set both wit and tongue ablaze.

Chris Breston

Born and raised in the Motor City, Chris has lived in the Atlanta area for close to 40 years. In another life, she worked as a writer/editor for a trade association representing the utility industry. In her current life, she has run 12 marathons and recently completed the 600-mile Camino de Santiago in Spain. When she’s not attending Bruce Springsteen concerts, she’s eating pizza and ice cream.

Pat Coates

Improbable as it may seem, Pat Coates is a member of the Improvables. In a past life, she worked for the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities. Now she is a GSU-62 student at Georgia State University where she is studying for a degree in World History.

Frazier Dworet

Frazier is a native Atlantan and an Emory graduate with a degree in political science. He has travelled several career paths from economic development planner to restaurant owner to medical school administrator and, over a six year period, political campaign staff member, where all 5 candidates lost their races; so much for a degree in Poli. Sci., but hey, it’s a red state! He retired after that and somehow ended up back at Emory in improv classes, taught by the clever cult leader, Robert Drake. Drake mesmerized him and five of his classmates into forming The Improvables troupe, thus expanding his ever-growing entertainment empire. But Frazier discovered that those classes released a long suppressed desire to be funny, and he hopes through The Improvables (and more psychotherapy) he’ll one day be funny. As for the llama incident, his lips are sealed and he put a block on all emails from the White House.

Lynn Haremski

Lynn got her start in the hills of WV when at age 4 she played an angel in the Christmas pageant. She hasn’t been an angel since, but her extensive resume includes child author of a published poem entitled “Peace”, bassoonist in her high school band, flash mob dancer at Piedmont Park and cast member in a YouTube video of the Georgia Dome Tornado.
When a friend heard she was taking improv, the response was “Quiet Lynn?” She has somehow found her “funny” in the company of The Improvables. When she isn’t improvising, Lynn enjoys reading, an occasional snorkeling adventure and most of all, being with friends and family especially her husband Mike, her biggest fan.

Jane Gole

Founding Member: Jane is an Emory MBA who retired after a long career in Finance with a large local manufacturing company. She admits she is a recovering workaholic. She currently volunteers at MedShare International and the Midtown Assistance Center. She takes classes at the Emory Osher Lifelong Learning Center. In her spare time …

About Us

The Improvables: the Who, What, Where

Here’s a sip: The Improvables, a senior improv troupe. Where: Wherever you need us. How much: Flexible fees. What’s in your budget? How to: click on the link to book us. Stand by to laugh.

Here’s a serving:


Like the jaunty jester’s cap of old
The Improvables have a tale to be told.
The jesters injected wisdom and wit
As all improv should, we submit.

Except for our leader, we’re all retirees
So we know all the angles; we know how to please.

Our troupe grew out of a class in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Emory University. We found new directions and, even, new destinies–modeling that agile brains, facile tongues, and love of laughter are as much a part of aging as a little grey hair.

Track Record

For five years now we’ve made folks laugh–
Giggle, grimace, guffaw–nothing by half.

In these five years we’ve offered shows in Atlanta, Marietta, Decatur, Gainesville, Athens, Eastman, and the Chateau Elan as part of the Southeastern Gerontology Conference. Have time and talent; will travel.

Keeping it Clean

We have standards: nothing smutty, nothing askance.
With all other subjects we’ll take a chance.

Sometimes improv gets a tarnished image of telling dirty jokes. Not here But don’t get the idea that we’re stuffy or prudish. Good tastes makes for good humor and good audiences.

Age Has Its Privileges

We excel most improvisors in verbal might.
In the jester’s rich legacy we delight.

We’re different, we brag, and want you to see
The way age and experience set humor free.

So we don’t often do handstands across the stage. Want to see the local Olympics of words and ideas? That’s our specialty. Words can jump through hoops and do a few back flips in the process.

Book Us

Book us for your church, club, or fete.
We bet you’ll never have a regret.

We’re flexible on kind of place,
Size, fees, and arrangement of space.

On this page you’ll see a way to reach us for more information or to book us. Someone will get back to you with full coverage within seventy-two hours.

Find out more to taste a sample
Of jesting and teasing and smarts more than ample.

We promise to interact with audiences so that we create on-the-spot, entirely original shows from the suggestions and comments listeners toss out. Improv is two-way, participatory creativity, an art for all ages.

We never forget the cap and bells,
The old jester’s tool to cast a spell.
With a “humm” for thought and a “ha” for fun,
Let us bring laughter wherever you dwell.

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How Does Laughter Improve Your Health?

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Anti-Aging and Improv

Robert Drake, Director

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